Who the hell am I ?

I'm nobody.

Nothing in my life has prepared for this. My main passion in life are real life shows for real live people. That will always be my true love. After Covid-19 I was forced into online shows, and this was uncharted territory for me. But I am a quick learner, and have a knack for technical stuff, so I am writing this blog from online show to online show, learning as I go, analyzing recorded shows and shows of peers, learning from mistakes and trying to figure it all out, sharing things with you as i go.

But still: my name is Gideon Livnah, I am a mentalist, magician and comedian from Israel. I am 31 years old and have been performing magic over half my life. I have produced live shows for myself and for colleges in magic and stand-up, and produced television for myself and friends. I have a B.A. in communications studies and I think that for the first time in history it will be used for something, in order to understand how society and technology will force magic to create a new performance style. Exciting.

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Gideon Livnah, 2018, -Israel