OBS to Zoom on Mac! - Guest article by David Reich

Updated: May 30, 2020

So, you wanna stream OBS into Zoom on a Mac. I'm being very detailed here but it's not that scary to do. Till now there were mostly links to other places that had only parts of the solution. So here goes:

- I am using macOS Catalina 10.15.4 (latest as of today)

- Download and install Zoom from https://zoom.us. I am using 5.0.3 which is an update as of today.

- Download OBS from https://obsproject.com (v25.0.8 is the update I got today)

Now, you also must get a virtualcam plugin - you get this from GitHub, where open source developers put their stuff. Get it at this link: https://github.com/johnboiles/obs-mac-virtualcam/releases/download/v1.1.0/obs-mac-virtualcam-0e62cec-v1.1.0.pkg

You got what you need. Now do this:

1) Install Zoom

2) Install OBS.

3) Now you do this little "codesign hack" for Zoom. I believe you need developer tools to do this (XCode). If you don't have it, you can get it from the app store. I know you won't be writing code, but it has the codesign tool you need, and this is easier than getting you just the tool. So if the following does not work, download XCode and come back here:

- Open a Terminal window. Go to your applications folder, Utilities, and Terminal.

- In that window, type the following (all on one line, spaces are important - better to copy and paste this):

sudo codesign --remove-signature /Applications/zoom.us.app/ <and press Enter> You will be asked for your Mac password. Type it and hit Enter.

** You've now just done the "Zoom hack"

4) Next, you need to remove a virtualcam plugin that came with the OBS you installed. Use the same terminal window and type this (all on one line, hit enter, put in your password and hit enter again if asked): sudo rm -rf /Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL/obs-mac-virtualcam.plugin

5) Next, install the virtualcam plugin you downloaded separately (the pkg file above, ending in v1.1.0.pkg). You do this by going to your downloads folder, finding it and doubleclicking it.

You've just installed everything you need to. To make this work...

1) Fire up OBS.

2) On OBS, on the Tools menu, click on "Start Virtual Camera"

3) Start Zoom.

4) On the ^ next to your "Stop/Start Video" icon on the lower left, there will be a list of virtual cameras. "OBS Virtual Camera Device" will now be an option


Some Zoom updates: Zoom updated to 5.04 today, so I experimented with keeping all this working. Here's my write up for that for you...

1) Download the Zoom update when prompted.

2) Do the "zoom hack" (step 3 of my instructions) because every time you get a Zoom update, it updates the app code file on your disk, so you have to remove those codesign permissions again. Every time you update Zoom. (Note: when I updated Zoom to 5.04, and looked to see if I still had OBS in the virtual cam list, I did not, but I did still have EpocCam)

3) I would for good measure, stop and restart OBS.

4) Start Zoom after step 2 above.

5) Make sure to, in OBS, go to Tools, and Start Virtual Camera. If all you have is "Stop Virtual Camera, in the Tools menu, you should be good, but never hurts to stop and start again)

6) Then in Zoom, you should be able to select OBS. This will likely be the procedure you will need to follow for every Zoom update.

And also, if you update OBS, you might need to reinstall that extra plugin as well, if a new OBS update overwrites it - don't know about that till we hit it.



Firstly, a huge thank you to David for generously allowing me to publish his tutorial. i personally do not own a Mac computer, but would love to hear from you if this helped you connect OBS to zoom. tell me in the comments :)

Also, check out David's Tedx talk!


Gideon Livnah, 2018, -Israel