Online Director for Magic and Mentalism Shows on Zoom

Have received a bunch of questions about what I do, and I appreciate the interest in my work. Going to try and answer everything here:

What is an Online Magic Director?

It's a job I invented to supply an answer to the needs of magicians who want to control every aspect of the viewer's on zoom shows.

Zoom is a fantastic platform for speakers and meetings.

It sucks for magic. If you tried zoom shows, you already know this. Some people have completely dismissed it because of that.

As Online Magic Director, I use Broadcasting software from my home to control the viewer's experience and make your show easier to enjoy online. I can do this no matter were you are in the world.

I do this in several ways:

1) Combine the performer's video stream with the volunteer's video stream in different compositions according to the magical effect. This means I can make sure EVERYONE sees the performer and the spectator at the same time: effect and reaction.

2) Design and add any custom visual augmentations to your show. For example: Adding video to the show without being choppy and watchable, custom backgrounds, opening and ending slides with contact information, logos, picture, slideshows, text, or any kind of media to the stream.

3) Handle all technical aspects of zoom – muting, unmuting, hosting up to 100 participants on my account. Meaning you don't have to pay zoom. And free yourself of almost all the technical stuff so you can focus on your show.

Don't trust the company's IT guy to assist your show. He doesn't care and knows nothing about entertainment or magic. Even if you don't purchase my services – Learn how to handle the technical aspects of your shows yourself , or get a magician friend to do it for you.

If you don't know me:

My name is Gideon, I am 31 Y\o from Israel. Until Covid-19 I was a full-time mentalist and magician. I started doing Zoom shows about a day after the outbreak and have studied them, and shows of my colleges and wrote a booklet on the subject.

· I have worked with Israel's top mentalists on their live and zoom shows. They may name themselves in the comments if they feel comfortable.

· I have a background in radio and television production, and a degree in communications.

· I have written, directed, performed, and edited my own television show on Israeli cable.

· My stand-up show won me the title of "Performing artist of the year 2019" form the Israeli Artists Union.

So I know magic, and I know production.

Until my real-life shows come back, I will be making a living performing zoom shows and directing zoom shows for others.

How much?

After gaining experience and proving the concept on real zoom shows in Israel for the last few weeks, I have decided to pilot my services worldwide:

For booking made in the next two weeks (Until May 28th) the price for up to an hour show and up to 100 participants is only $100 USD.

After that date the price will change to a percentage model based on the income from the show.

To sum things up. I loving sharing information and will continue to do so for free because I love magic and want it to be better in the new world, as long as zoom shows are a thing. I also like money and believe I have the experience to help those who wish to focus more on the magic and less on the yucky technical aspect. I know money is an issue for everyone right now, but with a better show, you can charge more from your clients so all of us can be rich again.

Gideon Livnah, 2018, -Israel