Free E-Book for Zoom Magicians and Mentalists

I Want A Free E-Book!

Hi Magician friends,

In this free e-booklet you will find my insights and theories about the performance of magic in online shows. I have also added a chapter of the techniques I use in zoom to create a smooth show, and a chapter analyzing the ways we may have to adapt our real live shows in a post Covid-19 world.

I do hope you enjoy reading it and benefit from it.

If this booklet helped you, and you would like to help me as well, my PayPal account is linked below, and you can send me any donation you feel comfortable with. Anything would be highly appreciated.

You can also facebook me with questions, tips, improvements, corrections or contribute new ideas. You can also just say hello, I am always happy to make new friends.

Happy reading,

Gideon Livnah


Gideon Livnah, 2018, -Israel